Zoom H4n Digital 4 Channel Recorder

Azden SGM-1X Supercardioid Shotgun Mic

Saramonic SR-PAX 2, 2 Channel Preamp

Pixel MK20 Wireless LAV System

Comica CVM-WM 100 Plus Dual Transmitter Wireless LAV system

Boom Holder (mountable via C-stand)

Slate (No TC)


The Bachelorette: queen in the north

The Queen in the North searches for her match in this Game of Thrones & Bachelorette double parody. With her two best friends by her side, Sansa Stark must decide which of her three final suitors will be her king. Who will she choose? Check out her shocking finale to find out!


Additional Info

Equipped for single or dual system recording

All files recorded in 48kHz 24-Bit uncompressed WAV format

All files are WeTransferred after renaming and formatting according to production sound notes

Wireless camera hops/in-ear monitors available (at an added cost)